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What's the funniest gross pick-up line you can think of? I went up to a girl in a bar and said "I'd like to get in to your knickers" her comeback was "I've already got one cunt in there I don't want another". To be fair he is doing a really good job and the comebacks are funny as fuck. I'm learning things here. There's a break in the Matrix, Bob.

We've got people eating corn out of shit again. I told you it's the red switch. Corn, not gorn, what the fuck is gorn. Listen, you gotta jiggle the handle. Here, look at my dick, just twist it like this. Yeah, that's the good stuff. I knew this old guy; a vietnam vet; a little burnt out from drugs and drinking; we called him Hippy George.

He used to ride an old Sportster wearing sandals. He had an arc welder in his kitchen. Suffice to say he was an interesting fellow. I don't think I explained Hippy George very well. He was a sweet old guy and every body loved him. Woman typically smiled when he said his line because he wasn't Gross Chat Up Lines or threatening or lecherous.

Denn bei mir gibt es einen Aufstand in den niederen Klassen" winks and points at crotch. You don't like pizza? Are you super sexy or is my vagina just drooling? Or Did your smooth talk just make me wet, or did I start my period? Guy in a bar walks up to a woman and says "Tickle your ass with a feather? Next night a drunk asked the guy what he had said so he told him.

Walks up to a woman and says "Stick a feather up your ass? So, in a slightly louder voice he says "Pretty fuckin' cold out, dontcha think? In the first instance the guy used two sentences that rhymed to make it sound like he was talking about the weather if the pick up line didn't work.

The second guy misunderstood and used the themes of each sentence rather than actually rhyming, meaning he didn't cover up what he said. Hope that makes it funny So he tries the first line, and if she seems offended, he says the second line, leading her to believe she misheard him the first time. The drunk tries this tactic, but instead of using the exact second line, uses a line with a similar meaning but that sounds completely different, ruining the effect.

It's probably funnier in Spanish, but here it goes: I'd roll around naked on a Gross Chat Up Lines of broken glass just to smell the mid section of the Gross Chat Up Lines you were just in. I'd drag my balls through a mile of red-hot broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie. A good one from Letterkenny: I wish I could Gross Chat Up Lines credit for the best one I ever came up with in real life, but the story goes like this:.

I am obsessed with taller women. Like, 6' and up. Being a 5'7" manlet, this has always been an issue. One day, I'm walking with a friend of mine and end up talking to the FIU volleyball team. They're all super giant, so I tried to be charming. Eventually, one girl says to me, "Maybe you should flirt with someone you're own height. One of her friends laughed, I switched targets, and ended up dating this giant amazon woman who thought I was funny. Here's the thing, Gross Chat Up Lines came across as this clever "I have a huge peen" joke, but was actually meant in a lame "you can't really tell how tall people are if you're both lying down" observational kind of way.

A female friend told me someone whispered on her ear " you are so sexy, even if you are on your period, I will fuck your anus". Would not recommend using this one though. I tried it out at a bar once, and the woman tazed me in the throat with a tazor.

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I'll be Ken, and you can be the box I come in. And if you were a vegetable, i would visit you everyday in hospital. Better luck next time. Then, look her dead in the eyes and simply ask, "Are you gonna eat that? Gonna remember this one. Ever seen a pink elephant? Inverts pockets Wanna see its trunk? Drill" and you can go screw yourself. I can give you 8 inches, in 3 installments. My shitting ass is in my purse". My couch pulls out, but I don't. Want to come back to my place? My couch doesn't pull out, but I do.

Place my to back come to want? Anyway, whenever he saw a pretty girl walk by he would say "Nice pooper little honey. How bout fitness dick in your ass? Cuz I'm gonna be draggin these balls across your face tonight. Come to my place tonight. Are you a haunted house? Because I would cry after I came inside you. I'm not going to come into my college lecture tomorrow. We are both disappointed by your D. Because you blow Gross Chat Up Lines away.

I need to use these. I just can't hold it in. Cause I eat ass. Because I eat ass. Cause I'd bite into those buns. May I push in your stool? Of Gross Chat Up Lines, if I were on you I'd be cumming as well.

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25 Pickup Lines So Bad That You Won’t Believe They’re Real

1 May I may have a two inch penis but I can lick the crumbs out of a Pringles can.

12 Oct If you're going to pick me up, get ready to be put down. View "15 Hilarious Ways to Respond to Gross Pick Up Lines" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor. 15 Sep Gross gross gross gross gross gross okay maybe gross gross gross. 8 Feb All of us have heard a bad pickup line or two in our day, but we grilled our friends to find the 25 absolute worst pick-up lines ever.