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Many years ago, I used to think purring equaled happiness until I came across a severely injured cat hit by a car. Despite broken bones and internal injuries that cat purred. It turned everything I thought I knew about cats upside down. If happy cats purred and injured cats purred, what else was purring used for?

It begins with mother cats or queens who purr during and after giving birth. There are as many different kinds purrs as there are cats. If you think you have one of those quiet ones, try stroking your cat while putting your ear next to their neck and listen for vibrations.

Other cats purr so loudly they sound like a Ferrari engine. It takes energy to purr. If you sit with a purring cat, they tend to purr while you stroke them, they stop after a few minutes if you stop, but begin to purr again if you stroke then again. The mechanism for creating any purr is the same. It begins in the brain which sends rhythmic, neural messages to the laryngeal muscles in the throat alternating with the diaphragm at the rate of 25 to vibrations per second Hz.

This building up and releasing of air movement separates the vocal cords to create the distinct purring sound during both inhalation and exhalation. The only way to decipher the difference between a pleasure and pain purr is to look for other clues from body language to behavior.

It could be as subtle as licking their lips frequently signalling gum or dental issues, or nausea. The tail could be twitching in agitation or they might be going up the stairs more slowly. The greatest gift we can give our pets is to learn to observe their behavior for subtle changes. I believe most pet guardians are more intuitive than they let on. Sadly, the busier our lives are, the less time we spend with our pets physically and emotionally.

Petting, playing and simply gazing at cats lowers our stress levels naturally. Thanks for reading and for visiting us at Cat Wisdom This is an Amazon affiliate link. Good information but a total joke website! What kind of a dickhead puts stupid social media crappie labels to the side so most endi g of sentrnce are ineligible to read? Fuck might as well leave al the fullstops out. Or why bother putting in paragraphs? Making a proper page cheapscape.

I respectfully disagree that one cannot decipher the difference between a contented purr and a pained purr. I was watching a documentary yesterday in which they analyzed the purrs of a cat in the morning attempting to get National Botanic Gardens Canberra owner to get up and feed her and the same cat purring while sitting on a lap getting pet.

I see this in my own cat Wookie. Is that a chocolate Burmese cat? My old girl is a chocolate Burmese and turns 19 next month — if she makes it. I did a search because her purrs are really loud and seem to vibrate more lately. She has issues IBS, pancreatitis but still plays. Anyway, I landed on this page and thought how much Merlin looks like my cat. When mine goes, I will never ever over it.

Merlin still blogs but from the Rainbow Bridge. He passed in May at age 21 and was a Blue point Siamese. Best wishes to your old girl. We never get over loss but adjust and move on. My kitten has just recently started purring for long periods of time and I was so seeing if you thought this was normal.

If you have any thoughts please email me. I hope you find the mom and have her spayed. For specific advice, consultations are available. Please see our Consulting page and good luck in any case. The article states cats do not purr non-stop for hours. She is very healthy for her age. One day I accidentally hit her face not hard and I freaked out because a moment later she was purring.

I got so scared. My cat purrs when she jumps on me and i stroke her but she coughs now when purring. Ive had her to vets twice. Why would she cough whilst purring? I found the link because my year-old tabby is purring loudly about 12 feet away from me as he relaxes and I was wondering if he was content or meditating. Yes, I was also surprised way back when as I first learned that purring serves more than one function and can indicate more than just the happy emotional state.

I learned — much as you did — that it can indicate fear or pain. I saw an injured cat in the E. He said the cat was scared and in pain. That really surprised me. Interesting to hear about the functions as well — healing and signaling to the new born kittens that mother is here. I know for a fact that Katie is a stress purrer.

Sure, she purrs when content and enjoying affection. But some of her loudest purrs are at the v-e-t. I suspected there was a reason for it, and part of the reason was self comforting and maybe even healing, so it was nice to read that is in fact true! I love a nice loud purr. For years I had a loud purrer who slept next to my head.

The purr is yet another wonderful thing that only felines can do. Lets face it cats are the most incredible,mystical,magical creatures there are. With the utmost respect and love for felines everywhere. What I find so interesting is to come up on Abby as she is sleeping she snores and I begin to pet her. Then the vet told me!

Thank you for another wonderful informative post! And a belated Happy Birthday and Anniversary!! My first cat taught me all about the different kinds of purrs. What I learned from him is right in sync with your post. Thanks so much for sharing. I learned about various needs of purring through experience. I found an injured What Does It Mean When A Cat Purrs Really Loud which always purred before and after the injury.

At first I though she was young and learned she was over 10 years old. Jasmine had severe stomatitis. But this is a importaant posting and lesson to watch other signs. My one cat, Johnny Walker, purrs but then his tail starts to swish. Otherwise he starts biting, or nibbling.

Having a pet and cat is a responsibility. As the blogger recommends, please spend a few minutes with your pet, more than changing litter and tapping on head for greeting and exiting the front door.

What a wonderful post — such fascinating information! I remember I had one kitty who did not start purring until she was 7 years old. It came out of nowhere and you could tell she was as pleased as punch with this new found way to communicate with me when I pet her!

Wonderful post Layla — it is a fascinating subject and I remember I had one cat who did not start purring until she was 7 years What Does It Mean When A Cat Purrs Really Loud It just came out of nowhere and you could tell that she was pleased as punch to share that method of communication with me when I pet her!

I am a loud purrer. I think cats purr when they are nervous too-not just when they are in pain. We had one cat who would purr up a storm at the vet. I have really learned to watch all the signs my pets give especially since I have two that are seniors. I have one I recued from outside and he has the loudest purr I have heard. All you have to do is say his name and he purrs.

Enjoyed your post and the cute picture of Odin. Such a sweet Dating In Fresno Ca of your wildboy, Odin. Thanks, this was taken during the festivities happily hiding in the shade from the hot sun. We once had a young cat at the clinic I worked at whose purr literally saved his life.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Purrs Really Loud. Free Hookup Tonight!

What Does it Mean When a Cat Purrs?

Your cat's purring can signal happiness, anxiety, or another emotion. WebMD explains how to read that But you shouldn't assume that sound means your cat is in a good mood. Or that it's the only time you'll hear it. But some research suggests that purring actually helps cats get better faster. The low frequency of purrs.

Purring Isn't Always a Sign of Contentment. Just like people, cats can use their vocalizations to express their emotions. A soft and steady purr might mean a cat is feeling relaxed, but the tempo and volume of a purr can indicate very different feelings. If a cat's purr becomes significantly louder and begins to race, this may be. 3 Jan This theory makes sense, because when cats suffer from laryngeal paralysis, they cannot purr. A second theory claims that the small hyoid bone is responsible for cat purrs. The hyoid bone is located between the skull and the larynx. Another theory states that purrs initiate from the central nervous system. There is nothing better than a cat curled up on your lap, satisfied and happy, but have you ever wondered just how cats purr and why they do it? Humans smile, dogs wag their tails others emitting a low rumble. Some purrs are so faint you have to be extremely close to your cat to hear it while others are extraordinarily loud.