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What makes a man attractive might have less to do with how hard he tries, and more the things he does without even realizing. That seems to be the conclusion of a Reddit thread where user porotart asked female users: The resulting comments covered everything from being kind to animals to driving a stick shiftand the majority of the responses weren't actions or traits specific to men.

Small gestures matter the most. As Tracy Moore at Jezebel put it: Be kind, especially to strangers. Whether that's tipping the delivery guy extra when it's raining, pulling over to help someone with car trouble or holding the door open for someone with their hands full.

As one user wrote, "Catching you doing What Do Girls Find Attractive In Guys that shows your character Because who isn't attracted to someone who finds joy and humor in the world? For one Redditor, "Genuine, uncontrollable laughter makes me want to kiss them.

Roll up their shirtsleeves. Redditors What Do Girls Find Attractive In Guys forearms, which are "the equivalent Am I Being Abused By My Boyfriend Quiz boobs for women" and " swoon-worthy. The way someone looks at you can be very telling.

One Redditor loves "When [your partner's] eyes get all sparkly when they first see you" -- who wouldn't? Commenters on the thread were in agreement that the topic is less important than the way they talk about or argue for it. Being able to make "intelligent conversation" is a seriously underrated point of attraction.

For anyone who needs help, there's an app for that. One Redditor explained how watching her partner cook was a huge turn-on:. I can stand there and watch him all day long.

He's bustling around, chopping veggies and putting dry rub on meats and stirring things around in a pan, all confident and sure-like. He thinks he's just making dinner. What he doesn't know is that by the time the meal is ready, after watching him be so competent and unself-conscious and focused on making the food, I want to rip his clothes off and have my way with him first, and eat dinner later.

Use eye contact, "especially when there's a bunch of pretty girls around. One user appreciates a guy "sending a text out of the blue to say you're thinking of me or sending a text in regards to something I said in passing.

According to one What Do Girls Find Attractive In Guys, " It's cuteand it makes us feel safe. What are the most attractive things your partner does? Comment below, or tweet HuffPostWomen. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Zave Smith via Getty Images. One Redditor explained how watching her partner cook was a huge turn-on: It's too easy for us women to convince ourselves to settle for less. We're so helpful and accommodating, so eager to please and afraid of rejection that we're quick to give up the things we need, including when it comes to sex. What we need to see is that doing this will leave us chronically frustrated.

While it's true that every relationship requires a certain amount of compromise, going without the things that we really need just doesn't work. We'll end up unhappy in the relationship or resentful toward our partner. The bottom line is, we need to know what we can't live without, sexually, and what we just can't live with. We ignore these non-negotiables at the expense of a fulfilling sex life.

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The Art of Charm

16 May 11 qualities in men that women find attractive. Tech Insider. Rebecca Harrington But hey, whatever helps, right? Here are 11 science-supported traits that women find irresistible. For long relationships, women tend to prefer altruistic men who are kind and do good deeds. For long relationships, women.

23 May Yesterday, Rob Fee discussed the 8 things men will always find attractive in women. I asked my girlfriends (who, it should be noted, all have vastly different opinions of what constitutes attractiveness in the guys they date) and pretty unsurprisingly, beneath nuanced types and funny fetishes, the core. 16 May 11 qualities in men that women find attractive For long relationships, women tend to prefer altruistic men who are kind and do good deeds. In studies, women choose men posing in front of expensive cars or apartments, versus ordinary ones, possibly because they make the men appear rich. Here's our list of top 10 things girls find attractive. A lot of these things can be cultivated, meaning that if you don't have them now, you can get them.