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Can Girls Be Perverts. Search & Find it in Seconds!

Female perversion

Female perversion is a term coined by Estela V. Welldon in to refer to women who commit violence, either against themselves or against others. Though the term can be used pejoratively and sometimes has sexual connotations, its strict definition is an instance of human behavior that deviates from what is considered.

Some men don't notice but for a second perhaps some seconds women look at the crotch and the body. First the face. They do it very quietly and don't show the Pervy side outside. Some women might do, but many don't. Men though tend to express it more outside, that is why it seems men could be more. Well of course they (we) can be. Generally speaking "perversion" just means to alter/change/corrupt/distort something beyond its original intent. This is something possible for anyone and happens quite frequently, though we don't habitually call it as much. I see it similar to claiming someone is "putting. I've met women that were WAY more perverted, and disgustingly perverted, than most men. Perhaps that's a product of society in that male perverts are very much frowned upon and if something is said in front of the wrong 'female', the man may well find himself in a whole heap of shit. But maybe women get in trouble for.